Clubbing Holiday Safety Tips For Students

A clubbing holiday that takes you to some of the world's most upcoming clubs and perhaps includes a top international DJ, such as Carl Cox, can make a brilliant way of ending your time at university.  However, when you're in a foreign country and in unfamiliar surroundings, there are a few basic rules that you should follow to keep you safe and ensure that you have fun.

Here's how you and your university friends can stay safe on a clubbing holiday.

Safety in numbers

This is perhaps the most important safety tip of all; stick together with your friends and always travel to and from clubs as a group.

When you arrive at each club, agree on a meeting point, such as the toilets or under an illuminated fire exit sign, and set a departure time.  It's easy to lose track of time when you're partying hard, so synchronise your phones before you hit the floor with a vibrating reminder to alert you of when it's time to go.  When it's time to head for bed, wait for your friends at the agreed meeting spot, and don't leave any member of your party behind. 

Be 'drink aware'

Some people think it's amusing to spike other clubbers' drinks.  Some club drugs, such as GHB, are odourless, colourless and pretty much tasteless too, making them almost undetectable, until you begin to feel the effects.

Always buy your own drinks, rather than letting a stranger buy one for you.  Hold your drink where you can see it; don't abandon it on a table while you go to the loo or onto the dance floor.  Better still, drink directly out of bottles if possible.  If you do begin to experience symptoms, such as dizziness, confusion or vomiting, tell one of your friends and get to a hospital as quickly as you can.

Although the buzz of booze can enhance the laser show and the banging tunes, try to take it easy with your consumption, so that you remain in control of what you're doing at all times.  Aside from the safety angle, the next night's clubbing will be far more enjoyable if you're not still trying to shake off the previous night's hangover. 

Stay hydrated

When you hit the clubs, remember that you could be out all night.  Drinking alcohol and sweating on the dance floor in a hot club can leave you dangerously dehydrated, so make sure that you continually sip water.  This could also help to avert a potential hangover.

Travel light

If possible, don't take a handbag or bulky wallet; just take your mobile phone, enough cash to see you through the evening, and some ID if you look younger than your age.  Handbags can be a target for thieves and get in the way on a packed dance floor, so choose an outfit with pockets and keep your stuff there instead, or wear a roomy bra.

Get home safe

Before you head off out for the night with your friends, agree on how you're going to get back to your hotel afterwards.  Some clubbing holidays will organise transport for their guests, but if this isn't an option, you'll need to take a taxi.  Ask at your hotel for the number of a reputable taxi firm and put it into your phone.

Never be tempted to accept a lift from someone you've just met, even if they offer to take you and one of your friends. 

In conclusion

Although these tips may seem like basic common sense, it's easy to forget about personal safety when you get caught up in the excitement of a clubbing holiday with your university friends.  Take the advice given above on board and have a great time!